Who Needs Velcro Shoes?

from by Sofapunch



Suggestions are falling short of my newly deaf ears
Which are blown, shot, damaged by the yell
Of my future and how it's laying down the bricks that I walk on
And wearing down the past that I've come from

As a kid I was told, I didn't know, how could I know?, and so I fold
I wasted all my chips on a hand for a single card that never did land
It's a slap in the face to know what they had found
Was the very single card that I had held, oh my

This cloud I know won't dissipate
And simple quotes just can't explain
But I wouldn't have it any other way

"For all those years!" Is what he screamed
Weren't half as bad as they seemed
When simple tangents are broken
I won't forget to scream "Take Me!"

Take a teaspoon now and go back in a couple of days
But I'm way too sick for that
My music, my virus, is starting to spread
Up, down, inside-out, write it down from back to front
How could a couple loose sheets, a piece of broken lead, and a little kids head turn into something like this?

I remember running down the street with my shoes untied when a man stopped me
On a knee, he tied my shoes and he said to me;
"Son, you better listen to the rhythm of your heart. For it provides the drumbeat to the melody your life will surely write"

And when it comes for me
I'll scream these words to find within the meaning of this revolutionary time
And together, we'll listen, together


from More To Lose, released May 12, 2005
Alex Nauth: Vocals
Mat Franklin: Rhythm Guitar/Vox
Tom Schleiter: Lead Guitar/Vox
Hans Henschen: Bass
Kevin Kane: Drums
Creel O'Neil: Trumpet
Andy Easton: Sax
Neal Paul: Trombone
Chris Horan: Trombone



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