Mat Sux

from by Sofapunch



Lemme catch you up to date about my roomie and the girls who wait
He can't seem to schedule time, cause they have to wait in line
But if you are a lucky one, take off your boots and get ready for fun!
I'll be trying to sleep so keep that in mind when you're on the top bunk

I'm gonna try to pick up the pace
A better picture I'll try to paint
Now imagine with me, if you please
A girl every night, but none for me

I know, I know there'll be a guest tonight
I know, I know I'll wake up in a fright
But tell me, tell me where I should go
When the lights go off and the clothes hit the floor?

Mat Sux

With every minute I count each tick
I try to sleep but I get seasick
You can hear it from down the hall
The bed keeps slammin' into the wall
Under the pillow I try to hide
But the moans and groans they get you every time
For the door, I try to run but I slip on the underwear and

You see, I'm not jealous don't get me wrong
I love my roomie, that's why I wrote this song
I'm always happy the sky's are blue....
Who am I kidding?
I f*ckin' hate you

Mat Sux


from More To Lose, released May 12, 2005
Alex Nauth: Vocals/Flugelhorn
Mat Franklin: Rhythm Guitar/Vox
Tom Schleiter: Lead Guitar/Vox
Hans Henschen: Bass
Kevin Kane: Drums
Creel O'Neil: Trumpet
Andy Easton: Sax
Neal Paul: Trombone
Chris Horan: Trombone



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