Finding Solace Under The Neon Light

from by Sofapunch



Living on the corner, nothing to wear
Beat up shoes and ratty old hair
I know she ain't got nothing to eat
Every other day she's beggin' for change
An empty shell is all that remains of a beautiful girl
That could've been

Big big dreams aren't big as they seem
They're living their lives by lesser means
But happiness is few and far between the cracks that they have fallen through
Society's complacency and dependency on imagery which rarely ever
Tends to through a bone
To the few who stand alone
They all stand alone

Nothing but a suit, a faceless name
Passing offices all filled with shame
Daydreams are all that's left to him
A patting on the back, a wave goodbye
Nobody said that he didn't try
They can't see they hold the gun

Would you play a game you weren't allowed to win?

One life's all I got
I'll give everything a shot
If I die tomorrow then I'll know

Making ends meet, find the humor in life
Buying odds and ends, working 9 to 5
Time's up, the buzzer's going off
A shapeless night, alone again
A muffled light fills your head my friend
The answer's not found in the remote

Would you play a game you weren't allowed to win?


from More To Lose, released May 12, 2005
Alex Nauth: Vocals
Mat Franklin: Rhythm Guitar/Vox
Tom Schleiter: Lead Guitar/Vox
Hans Henschen: Bass
Kevin Kane: Drums
Creel O'Neil: Trumpet
Andy Easton: Sax
Neal Paul: Trombone
Chris Horan: Trombone



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